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Why a Template Instead of a Custom Site?

Custom websites are awesome and highly recommended as an investment in your business growth at some point, but sometimes you just need something to get you started, to have a website presence and start building your brand online.

What’s Included:

Template purchase + installation: 1 Parallax scrolling page

Newsletter setup + connection*

Domain name setup + connection*

20% off your first year subscription* (new accounts only)

* Fees: You are responsible for any third-party fees associated with subscriptions and accounts. I’m happy to help you set it up but the fees are not included. Total fees average anywhere from $15-35/month.

Fonts: Font purchases are not included but links to purchase the license is provided as well as recommendations for free replacement versions.

Stock photos: Stock photos are included with each purchase and can easily be replaced with photos of your choice.

What You Can Change + Add:

You can pretty much change anything you like! As you and your business grow, so will your website - you can customize as you see fit:



Photos/background images

Graphics Editable in Canva




Additional Pages

Add/remove sections

Add /remove forms

399.00 1,250.00

What’s the Catch?

Well, there isn’t one! Since this is an idea I’m beta testing and it’s not yet released, you get to decide what you want your template to look like and I’m installing it for you. You’re getting the detail of a custom design without the long lead time and price. However, your design is not exclusive. What makes it different is your unique twist, however you choose to customize, your photos and the colors you choose. You don’t have to do anything but provide information unlike typical templates where you’re on your own. Since it’s a new template build, you get (1) round of revisions. Just give me the assets and I’ll make something special for ya!

Keep in mind the example shown is just one way to style the site.

The templates are limited to six (6) sections max on one (1) parallax scrolling page. For the beta test, additional pages are not included but are super easy to add if you choose.

How it Works:

  1. Purchase the template package below - easy!

  2. BONUS! Within 24 hours you’ll receive a welcome email from me and a list of what’s needed next (Spoiler Alert: photos, copy, logos, color preferences, style (minimal, feminine, etc.) and links to any social media accounts you want to use.) As a subscriber, you’re getting installation assistance included for free. This package will be sold for $750-$1250.

  3. Once all of your information is received, you’ll get a preview of your new site within 7 business days and since this is a beta test, you’ll get one (1) round of revisions before the final site is live.

  4. Next we’ll connect your domain and go live. You now have a fab site ready to go.


Ready to get a site you love

launched in 7 days?

399.00 1,250.00