I light up when I see my clients pursuing their passions. I believe that creativity, in all its forms, holds a certain magic. It takes guts, vulnerability and perseverance to live in your truth and follow your dreams. It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it. The joy I see on my client’s faces when they speak passionately about their vision brings me so much happiness. Why? Because I know what it’s like to not feel that joy, always feeling like something is missing and that you were meant to do so much more. This looks different for everyone, but the end goal is simple: happiness. Do what you love, and if you can get paid to do it, that’s even better.

Life is too short to put yourself in a box.

In 2017, I quit my corporate job, sold my house and 80% of my belongings to set out on the adventure of a lifetime. I like to say I took a leap of faith off a cliff with no parachute and luckily got caught on a tree branch on the way down. What’s been the most interesting thing about this journey is going through everything you don’t hear about until someone’s already “made it”. No one really talks about the mental hurdles until after the success. I’ve heard people say, “Once I became successful, I still wasn’t happy, and I had to work on myself.” I guess the opposite has happened for me. On this journey so far, I’ve been through an immense amount of change both personally and professionally. Lightening speed transformation as I like to call it. I’m not the same person I was when I first started and the (very hard) lessons I’ve learned along the way are priceless to me.

Through this journey, I’ve been reminded that what I’m most passionate about is helping other people feel joy and I believe this is achieved through purposeful and fulfilling life work that gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms. In 5 years of working with clients I’ve learned that most of us have dealt with the same struggles and I don’t think that should be a secret. I think we can grow together and I hope to give you the encouragement, tools and inspiration to take a leap of faith and live life on your own terms. Whatever that looks like for you, set fear aside, make a choice and take one step towards it today. I believe in you, do you?