Photo by Helena Yankovska

Photo by Helena Yankovska


Staying happy and healthy all year around is important but if you find it a little more challenging in the winter months you're not alone! Some of us truly need warm weather and plenty of Vitamin D to keep us going. Each year I hibernate and countdown until the first day of Spring (March 20th - yes, it's marked on my calendar!). In February I start my Spring cleaning and begin planning for the warmer months ahead. Don't get me wrong, there are wonderful things about winter that I look forward to every year. I love all of the fun that comes with Fall and absolutely love spending time with friends and family during the holidays, but what do you do after all of that is over? I'm no expert but I'm sharing a few tips that personally help me power through the winter months with a positive mind and body.



Even if you choose to spend more of your time at home, keep in touch with family and friends. Rely on your trusted circle to share and talk through your winter blues, share a funny story and get a good laugh. Letting it out helps!



Taking care of your mind comes with taking care of your body as well. Inevitably most of us spend more time sedentary than normal in the winter months. As tough as it may be to get going, the hardest part is actually getting to the gym! Once you're there you can burn off some energy and feel a little better. If you don't have access to a gym, YouTube is a great tool for awesome and free workouts. This one has literally been kicking my butt lately. 

SECRET: Sometimes (read: all the time) I watch dance videos and try to reenact. It's a terrible scene but a great workout!

Not only will you feel better, you'll start getting in great shape for summer! Pool party, anyone?



Try to stay away from too many foods that make you feel sluggish and replace them with something that gives you energy! You don't have to starve yourself to eat well, Pinterest has tons of healthy, tasty recipes.



Paint, dance, sing, read or meditate...do whatever it is you love that keeps your mind fresh!



Whether it's taking a fitness class (hey, you could kill two birds with one stone here!) or making an extra effort to go out with friends even when it's literally freezing you've GOTTA get out. Also, consider limiting your time on actual social media.


How do you fight the winter blues? Share below!