Walking in Purpose and Minding Your Faith with Tepheret Jones

Ever feel like you’re on a path pursuing your purpose, or wondering how to find your purpose in the first place? In today’s episode, we’re chatting about what it means to walk in your purpose, mind your faith and some of the challenges (unexpected and not), that come along with the journey. For some of us, this process is clear, we know what we’re called to do and we do it! For others of us (me!) it’s not so clear at first, it’s a process of trial and error, self discovery and an unwavering willingness to keep going but once you figure it out, then what? What does the journey look like and how to you proceed to walk in faith when things get tough (as they will). What this episode covers:

  • Walking in purpose and faith and setting your foundation.

  • Dealing with isolation and finding your tribe.

  • The inevitable effect on some of your friendships and relationships.

  • Self-development and awareness during your growth period.

  • Managing your energy, content intake and the media*.

You’ve heard this before, that business ownership is not for the faint of heart and for this reason, some choose to keep their purpose and their livelihood separate but you don’t have to! It is 100% possible to live in your purpose and create a life you love that allows you to live on your own terms. Will it be hard work? Yes. Will it happen overnight? Absolutely not. But, is it worth it? Yes! It’s up to you to decide how you want to spend your lifetime. There’s no wrong answer, there’s only the answer that’s right for you but the first step is putting yourself out there to figure it out.

Do you want more time? More money? More freedom? Whatever you decide, always remember your why. Develop a strong foundation so that as you move forward, you are prepared to handle whatever comes at you.


Tepheret Jones is the Founder of Minding My Faith, LLC., a motivational and inspirational subscription box service designed primarily for modern women of faith. A millenial whose translated name in Hebrew means “the place on the tree of life that connects heaven to earth, called Beauty,” Tepheret’s mission is to help everyone experience the beauty of true freedom, peace and joy in their lives.

As a wife, mother and speaker, Tepheret is a strong believer that everything we see manifested in our lives is a direct results of our thoughts, words and perceptions. It is for this reason she created the Minding My Faith subscription box service, which offers an assortment of products, including daily motivation through encouraging and empowering messages of faith through videos, blogs, blooks mailer card sets and free resources that attend to the mind, body and spirit of today’s woman of faith. Her focus is to help support women through their journey of self-transformation and rid them of any doubt that they can not only live in purpose, but do so abundantly with peace and joy!

An avid community servant, Tepheret is also a youth minister at her church. She holds Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and currently resides in Connecticut with her husband Isaiah, and her two children, Amiyah, 10 and Mason 4.


Once you’ve had a chance to watch I would love to hear from you. Have you found your purpose or are you actively pursuing it? Which obstacles have you encountered on your journey? Join in on the conversation and let me know below - you never know when you could be inspiring someone else who needs to hear that one thing you have to say. Thank you for watching, sharing and commenting!

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(*I’ve decided to limit my media intake but I still want to know what’s going on so I read the Skimm, a short,

witty and to the point way to get the news. If you’re interested, check it out here.)